Addiction treatment in Spain

Triora offers highly effective addiction treatment in English (and Spanish) at our private clinics in Spain. We treat a range of addictions and can help you, or a loved one, stop with alcohol or drugs such as cannabis or cocaine. We also treat addictive behaviour such as gaming or gambling.

Our modern, fully equipped private clinics in Alicante and Malaga provide the optimal location to recover and regain a meaningful life in attractive surroundings. As we expand our successful addiction care in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, additional rehabilitation centres will open soon.

Why choose Triora recovery clinics?

Who are Triora?

Triora started in the Netherlands where we have been providing addiction rehabilitation with high long-term recovery rates for 14 years now. In Spain, our expert, professional team provides discrete addiction treatment in English and Spanish. Many of our staff have personal addiction experience so they really understand what overcoming problems with alcohol, drugs, gaming or gambling involves.

Triora's Alicante team

Who are Triora’s patients?

Our patients are adults with an income, home and social network who can afford our private care. They mainly come from Spain, the UK and other European countries, though we also have other international patients from further afield.

What do our patients say about us?

The fact that 97% of our patients would recommend us, speaks to the high quality of our addiction care. In the Netherlands, our patients give us a satisfaction rating of 8.5. Find out more about our results and experiences of former patients.

Why is Triora’s addiction treatment so effective?

Triora treats addiction following a unique, holistic approach that addresses body, mind and soul. We have refined and developed the Triora Model over several decades, based on our own personal experience of addiction and that of our patients, resulting in high long-term recovery rates. Our addiction care is certified in the Netherlands by DEKRA, a quality label for which we are audited every year. Certification of our Spanish care is pending and expected shortly.

Triora model

What does Triora’s addiction programme involve?

We offer an individually tailored programme to help you regain a meaningful life. The Triora Model incorporates eight elements. We build on medically established methods in addiction rehabilitation, with our own innovative approach to recovery. Sessions include personal counselling as well as group sessions. Find out more about what a typical day at a Triora clinic involves.

We strongly believe in working together with you, and where needed or desired, with your loved ones. Partnership and family counselling can be provided as an integral part of your personalised treatment programme.


Which rehabilitation formats does Triora offer?

We provide both residential and outpatient addiction treatment at our private rehabilitation centres in Spain. Which addiction recovery programme best suits you, will depend on your personal preferences and needs, together with the results of your admission assessment.

It may be that outpatient treatment is the best option for you. This can be provided either at one of our clinics or via secure videoconferencing.

In other cases, our intensive inpatient addiction treatment may be the most appropriate way to help you take back control. Detox can be provided at our clinics, or you may need to follow a detox programme elsewhere first. In any event, you must be clean and sober before treatment can begin. Initial treatment is for 8 weeks and can be extended after that as necessary. We provide medical supervision 24/7.

How does Triora support long-term recovery?

Triora can help you stay committed to a life free from drugs, alcohol, gaming or gambling. On returning to your own environment, we help you build on the progress made during your initial treatment with our addiction recovery aftercare.

Image: Triora clinic facilities

Facilities at Triora's clinics in Alicante and Malaga include a swimming pool and gym.

Which facilities do Triora clinics have?

Both our clinics have a swimming pool and sports facilities. Find out more about the facilities and accommodation provided at Triora Alicante and Triora MonteAlminara.

Why choose Triora?


More information in English

What does Triora’s addiction treatment cost?

We offer competitive private addiction treatment rates. Find out more about what is included in our residential and outpatient addiction care on our programme page on where you can find full information in English.

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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our addiction recovery treatment – whether for yourself or a loved one. Registering with us is completely non-binding, and your first telephone consultation is free of charge. Why not call us now?

“What do we stand for? We are there to give human beings a new life. Nothing more and nothing less. I am therefore always very grateful for every patient who we can help to find a new life.”

- Michel Odufré co-creator Triora Method

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“The clinic was a very good experience, I have fond memories of it… I liked the fact that my normal behaviour was given a reset.”

- Ben

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Modelo Triora

El tratamiento de adicciones de Triora es una de las maneras más exitosas para superar la adicción. Utilizando nuestro exclusivo Modelo Triora, tratamos cuerpo, mente y alma para ayudarte a ti y a tu familia a recuperar una vida con sentido. Nuestro equipo profesional provee tratamiento residencial y ambulatorio desde los agradables enclaves de nuestras clínicas privadas de recuperación en Alicante y Málaga, España.

Modelo Triora
  • El 97% de nuestros antiguos pacientes nos recomiendan
  • Alta tasa de recuperación a largo plazo
  • Desde 8 semanas para recuperar el sentido de la vida